Craig Rhuhanan

Rhuhanan , 05 Mar 2013

 To whom it may concern,

I first encountered Mark Gavagna while seeking rental accommodation in Sydney 7 years ago. I had previously been renting properties with other agents and it struck me that this guy was by far the most effective and professional agent I had met in Australia.

Most of the agents I was dealing with were young girls/boys who although polite, had no idea of real estate and I was surprised that real estate companies would allow such inexperienced employees to look after a property that leased for $3000p/w. I own many properties overseas and I know I would not be happy if my properties were looked after in the same manner. 

Mark not only managed this property with fantastic skill (as we did have some issues to overcome in the building), but made me a life long admirer of his. Not only is he a marvellous real estate agent, but I have now learned over many years, what an inspiring man/husband/father he is.

I have since bought 3 properties from him around the Harbour in Sydney and of course he manages them for me.

I have no hesitation in recommending Mark to anybody looking for the "best" experience one can have buying, leasing or managing property in Sydney!

Mr Craig Rhuhanan