What inspires you to choose a particular agent to sell your property?

High local profile? Cheap commission structures? Marketing gimmicks such as frequent flyer points or referrals from trusted family/friends?

At City to Surf Property, we do not worry about what we cannot control, but on what we can control. That is, delivering an unparalleled level of service and proven results that will make the most important person happy, you! 

With our parent company, Gavagna Brothers Pty Ltd, having been established for over 70 years and still trading today, and the regeneration of our previous company profile, Gavagna Group Property, that has been operating over the last 14 years, we are assisting loyal clients and 100% referral business like no other real estate agency. The choice of who to sell with should always come down to experience and dealing with a company that not only sells all across Sydney, but also owns property all over Sydney.

At City to Surf Property, we restrict our list of vendors at any one time so you get 100% of our time and expertise. We are not focused on volume but on maximum outcome. You will not be passed off to the new sales person in the office like so many franchise operations when the high profile agent you decided to go with cannot devote the time required to your property. With the distinct advantage of selling all over Sydney, we believe we understand the market better than most and so can advise you accordingly.

We will arrange an obligation-free appraisal of your property and take you through the various marketing options that will suit your needs. We constantly monitor market trends, and our group is well positioned to advise you on how to achieve the best result with whatever marketing option you decide upon. Maybe you would just like to know what price your property may command in the current climate based upon comparable sales in your area?

Best prices when selling a property in Sydney

We are constantly focused on the most important part of the process when selling a property, which is of course, the final price. However we understand that obtaining a rewarding result goes way beyond the eventual selling price. Personal attention to detail, constant feedback, transparency and a seamless transition throughout the entire process not only gets the results, but delivers a memorable experience that ultimately results in future dealings with our clients. It may sound trivial, but we want our clients to enjoy the selling process and we aim to deliver an experience that leaves you reflecting after the sale goes through on what a great association it indeed was!

We even take it a step further and richly reward past clients that refer our services or utilise us again! Our company has been built upon repeat business and satisfied clients that refer our services. To such a degree, that we decide not to partake in the never ending practice of self promotion via the filling of letterboxes that I am sure you experience daily! It's about YOU, not US.

Getting the best price when selling a property requires a complete and thorough understanding of your property. 

Our group liaises directly with Solicitors, local Councils, strata bodies and countless other 'behind the scenes' areas on your behalf to ensure that your property has maximum opportunity to sell to its potential. We have even in the past set up a contract for a purchaser to obtain secure parking in East Sydney at a parking station next to the apartment block to get the deal over the line.

It's a well known fact these days that some agents try to attract business by desperately lowering their fees or instigating pressure tactics when you are thinking of selling. Unfortunately for many people, selling a property can be one of the most stressful and confusing times in their lives. What may at first appear to be a discount in commission fees, could actually be nothing more than a reduction in service, unmotivated negotiations and consequentially, a lower sale price and a more expensive option!

Let’s face it – you will choose who you like and whom you think will get the job done right the first time! Unfortunately there are all too many stories of disappointment and regret when dealing with agents and so much of it is centered around agencies convincing you to spend money on areas of advertising that they claim will expose your property, but nine times out of ten it is only promoting their agency! Or you come to an agreement on what a fair expectation is for your property on the current market, only to feel the agent talking you down as soon as they have you signed up!

Here at City to Surf Property, we are a family run agency with a strong value system and an emphasis placed on doing the little things well. Our culture is sound, we do what we say and we follow it through to the letter. 

One of our point of differences is that we treat all purchasers and tenants with the highest level of service and respect. After all, selling real estate is about negotiation and creating a rewarding outcome between two or more parties. So although the vendor pays our commission in Australia, we have to cultivate the best from our purchasers and assist them in staying committed to settlement. Plus, looking after your tenants creates a better chance to keeping your investment property looking its best and having access to show buyers through when we need to!


EXPERIENCE, PERSONALISED SERVICE, RESULTS. Many make the claims, few deliver! 

Contact us for more information about selling a property in Sydney. We look forward to being of service to you and guarantee you will be delighted you did!